YDRO wastewater treatment technology

Our company offers the implementation of the YDRO process, providing environmental protection and conservation worldwide. YDRO wastewater treatment technology provides efficient disposal of excess sludge and many advantages for the operation of wastewater plants.

YDRO process is the continuous adaptation of a selected population of microorganisms to the parameters and conditions of the local operating wastewater plants, in accordance with the indicators. In this process, the added bacteria become dominant, while those that already existed are adapted and assimilated in order to coexist and cooperate with each other. The microorganisms added under the appropriate conditions produce enzymes that increase the efficiency of the biological process. The breaking down of complex organic molecules, oils and greases into simpler compounds results in the formation of volatile fatty acids such as acetic, butyric or propionic acids, etc. Volatile fatty acids are then easily converted under aerobic conditions to carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O), under anaerobic conditions and free energy to methane (CH4) and hydrogen gas (H2).

With YDRO wastewater treatment technology, the use of microorganisms in wastewater treatment plants improves the performance of the system and the treatment process, increasing the efficiency of the system, according to the following points:

  • Complete degradation and removal of sediment and sludge
  • Improvement of effluent parameters
  • Elimination of bad odours
  • Potential increased biogas production due to higher methane emissions
  • etc.

The YDRO process is currently used on three continents and even in 28 countries. It is this process that treats thousands of kilometres of sewers and solves the problem of grease and oil build-up in the pipes, reducing organic pollutants before they reach the sewage treatment plants.

The most popular products available in the YDRO series



This bacterial mixture is ideal for municipal wastewater treatment plants, reservoirs, etc.  It is a mixture of specialised natural microorganisms that contains all the necessary bioenhancers, nutrients and hydrolyzing enzymes to break down fats, oils, greases and consume the organic components, which are then converted into carbon dioxide, water and energy to produce new cells. Hydrolysed material and proteins are also broken down to maintain balance in the treatment plant. In this way, the production of excess sludge is reduced and, in many cases, eliminated completely.



  1. Removes excess sludge
  2. Eliminates bad odour
  3. Natural product
  4. Environmentally friendly
  5. Easy application
  6. Reduces sludge treatment and handling costs


This product is used to produce biogas using an anaerobic system.


  1. Increases biogas production by around 200%
  2. Biogas can be used directly in plants without scrubbing to recover energy
  3. Reduction of greenhouse gases


For the treatment of landfill leachate


This product contains specially developed microorganisms that can clean water bodies such as lakes, ponds, etc. High-impact anaerobic, aerobic and facultative microorganisms, together with minerals, amino acids and vitamins, create favorable conditions for the breakdown of organic matter, thereby reducing phosphorus, nitrogen or other pollutants in water bodies.


  1. Makes water clearer
  2. Non-toxic and environmentally safe product
  3. Easy to use
  4. No harm to aquatic organisms


This product contains specially formulated microorganisms that can clean municipal sewers. High-impact anaerobic, aerobic and facultative microorganisms, together with minerals, microelements, amino acids and vitamins, create favorable conditions for the removal of organic load.


  1. Reduction of organic load in pipelines by up to 80%
  2. Elimination of bad odours
  3. Avoidance of sewer blockages
  4. Removal of excess sludge
  5. Reduction of sewer maintenance costs
  6. Combats corrosion of the sewer network
  7. Easy to use and safe for the environment

YDRO  25

This product contains a range of specially developed microorganisms that can clean septic tanks in homes or domestic tanks. High-impact anaerobic, aerobic and facultative microorganisms, together with minerals, microelements, amino acids and vitamins, create favorable conditions for the cleaning of tanks and home septic tanks.


  1. Breaks down oils, fats and greases
  2. Does not damage pipelines or tanks
  3. Increases the breakdown of organic pollutants
  4. Removes bad odours
  5. Easy application
  6. Safe and non-toxic to the environment


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