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– Installation of domestic wastewater systems
– Soil testing
– Selection of a site for the treatment plant
– Start of installation of the treatment plant
– Operational testing of the treatment plant
– Air supply to the treatment plant
– Air supply to the waste water pipeline
– Cleaning the treatment plant
– Discharge of treated water
– Installation of the storm water collector
– Disposal of treated effluents
– Infiltration of water into the ground via a well
– Infiltration well with gravel bed
– Maintenance of the well
– Installation of a treated wastewater storage tank
– Secondary use of water
– Rainwater harvesting

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– Installation of domestic wastewater systems
– Installation of a rainwater collector
– Installation of an oil waste collector
– Installation of an oily waste collector

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Can you arrange connection permissions?

Perhaps you have been in a situation where you have been looking for a specialist, and they come alone, listen, look around, tell you what to do and how to do it. You ask for a price and they say they will calculate and let you know. After a while, you hear a price you did not expect. Then you look for others. The process goes on for weeks, until you finally choose one and agree on the cost.
We are experienced enough to tell you right away, at the first meeting, how much one solution or another will cost. You can make your decision knowing what we will install, how we will install it and how much it will cost. We always try to offer you the best solution, advising you where and how you can save money, and where you can’t, because after a while you may have problems that will cost you a lot more money.
An immediate estimate saves you time and makes the process clear and transparent

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Obtaining permits to connect to central networks
  • The installation can be done at any time, but it is wise to start the installation of the treatment plant when the foundations are in place, before the concrete is poured. The necessary pipes can then be conveniently routed under the foundations.

  • The cheapest place to install a treatment plant is in the green area. But a more rational location is under the driveway. Suitably shaped, cylindrical treatment plants shall be selected for this purpose.

  • This is done by installing a box that blows air – a blower. A small compressor is mounted in it, which blows air into the treatment plant. The blower is placed either in a dry room or outside. If placed outdoors, it must be airtight to prevent the ingress of water or snow. The indoor installation is always more reliable. When placed outdoors, it shall be buried in the ground and covered with a lid.

  • It is important to install the whole system correctly. Air must be allowed to enter the pipework for the wastewater to flow freely towards the treatment plant. Ideally, the air should come in directly from the outside, through a pipe coming out of the roof. If the pipe remains inside the building, a rubber diaphragm – a non-return valve – must be placed at the end of the pipe, so that air can enter the pipe but cannot leave. This means there will be no odours in your house.

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