Treatment equipment

Assistance in selecting and purchasing a treatment plant


Installation of domestic wastewater treatment and disposal systems, rainwater collectors

Connection to networks

Connecting to centralized water supply and wastewater networks


Advice on equipment, installation, network connection and pricing


Our services include the installation of local wastewater disposal and rainwater harvesting systems and the connection to centralized water and wastewater networks. We provide on-site wastewater management and connection to centralized wastewater and water supply networks, ensuring the quality of the work so that clients can later use the installed systems comfortably and without hassle. If you need a project, we can recommend a designer. If you need legal paperwork to connect to a centralized network, we do that too.

We started our activities around 2000. We have enough practical experience to assess each situation, offer the most suitable solution and explain what result can be expected by choosing one or another option. We explain how they differ and why it’s worth choosing something we recommend rather than something that might be cheaper but won’t work well and won’t last long, and you’ll have to pay to fix it again. We offer what is optimal, what is of high quality, at a reasonable price. Most of the orders come through recommendations from those for whom we have already installed a wastewater treatment plant, installed a sewage disposal system on the site or connected them to the network. This is the best assessment of the quality and professionalism of the work.

We work in such a way that you don’t have to go back to the site, except for a chat or a cup of coffee. The best measure of the quality of your wastewater system, like any other local utility, is when you’ve installed it and forgotten it! That’s why we know our job well, meet the technological requirements, deadlines and don’t waste time. We provide you with an estimate of the equipment and work required at the first meeting. This also saves time.


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